Is it legal to film pornography in LA?

Fact checking, porn making is only legal in California and New Hampshire, otherwise, it will be-be called prostitution. California was the first state to establish a legal precedent fortifying that pornography is not prostitution. Basically, this state believes that making a porn film is a mere business and should be seen as pure business, not prostitution. Due to this, pornography is an industry long based in Los Angeles. Many filmmakers settled their location in this state and the industry has been a great factor in its economic growth. Southern California has been known as the epicenter of the adult film porn industry in LA because of its socially liberal attitude and California Supreme Court case protecting the industry.

What makes it illegal is when porn makers are lying to their health permit application, they are not getting a health permit, or if they are not having their performers use condoms as indicated in the health permit. This overzealous condom requirement made some porn filmmakers flee Los Angeles and go to Nevada, Arizona, and other neighbor locations. Distributors of adult movies are in dismay after hearing this requirement because for them it clearly violates the right of the workers to choose not to wear a condom in the set. The rage made the porn makers think if whether they will stay in California, or they will end its bond with the place with a moving van.

After battling against the condom requirement, porn-industry leaders announced that a vast percentage of porn filmmakers will be back to LA when they defeat the condom requirement stated in the health permit. The condom requirement is still in effect but is no longer enforced after the lawsuit against the county was settled. But still, filmmakers caught without a permit can be arrested, fined, and lose their equipment.

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